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Piper and The Hard Times

The Nashville-based blues & roots group Piper & the Hard Times deliver intense and dynamic, blues-based music. The blues is the foundation that defines their work, along with R&B, soul and rock. The band has an instrumental prowess to improvise with flair, while still creating music that has a melodic appeal. They immediately connect with audiences who want both musical competence and songs with a strong groove and catchy hooks. The band’s founding members are Al “Piper” Green, Steve Eagon, and Dave Colella.

As the band’s frontman, Al "Piper" Green's lead vocals and charisma combine the flamboyance and earthiness of blues with the power and authority of gospel. He takes the band and audience on a wild journey every show and does his best to turn the room upside down come showtime. Green contributes to the band's original songs with lyrics based on personal experience which he sings with authority.

Guitarist Steve Eagon has been playing guitar since his teen years and is influenced by Muddy Waters' blend of electrified Delta blues to B.B. King's urban stylings and the powerful approaches of Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and SRV. As the band's principal composer, his writing style meshes multiple elements into a captivating personal group sound.

Dave Colella brings an edge, energy and groove to the group's sound. A drummer since age seven, Colella studied with the great jazz drummer Joe Morello, best known for his years with Dave Brubeck. His playing reflects a widespread knowledge and love of multiple idioms, as well as a knowledge of vintage and contemporary blues. With Colella driving the band’s engine, a foundation for flair and pocket is created.

Piper & the Hard Times have been delighting audiences across the South for many years. When you hear them, you're getting a lot more than just inspired covers or retooled bar band material. Instead, you're hearing inspired "from the soul" music, and they bring that energy and vitality to the bandstand each and every night.

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