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Philip Hall / Few Miles On

Philip Hall is a journeyman musician, having served as a front man, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist for several bands throughout his musical career. Since 2014 he has provided lead vocals and been the sole guitarist for Middle Tennessee based Blues Rock trio Few Miles On. He has contributed his talents to multiple studio recordings for himself and other artists from multiple genres. His credits include five albums with Few Miles On.
Starting on piano at age six Philip moved on to guitar at age ten. He began playing and singing in bands at age thirteen. He has developed a musical persona that is perfectly suited for the Blues based music of Few Miles On. From hypnotic Blues riffs to soaring melodic solo passages to blistering slide guitar he covers the territory of both rhythm and lead guitar. His vocal style is a unique mix of the gospel music he grew up with steeped in the Blues Rock of the late 60's and early 70's.
Philip began writing songs in his early teens. Since that time, he has constantly worked to develop and refine the music he creates. He grew up in the suburbs of Nashville, TN and developed live performance skills in the clubs in and around the city working with various cover bands. Performing primarily a guitarist, he also plays keys, bass and various other musical instruments.

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