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Alex Lee Warner

Meet Alex Lee Warner, the 15-year-old guitar virtuoso whose passion for music knows no bounds. With an electrifying blend of astonishing virtuosity and infectious energy, Alex has captivated audiences far and wide.

From the tender age of 8, Alex embarked on a relentless pursuit of guitar mastery, honing his skills to perfection. But it's not just his technical prowess that mesmerizes – it's the soulful depth and raw emotion he infuses into every note, leaving listeners breathless with his blues, blues-rock, and classic rock renditions.

Having graced stages alongside legends like Quentin Jones, "Big A" Anthony Sherrod, and Carlos Elliott, Alex's talent has garnered acclaim and accolades, including the 2022 Best Youth Instrumentalist award from the Central Pennsylvania Music Hall of Fame. Nominated in 2023 for Best Youth Band and Best Cover Song for Baba O'Riley with Central Pa Youth Allstar Band.

Endorsed by Twin Dix Guitars, Alex's musical journey knows no bounds. From local venues to international stages, he's taken his electrifying performances to the 39th International Blues Challenge in Nashville, Memphis, and Clarksdale, Mississippi, representing the Blues Society of Central PA with his band, Soul Sunrise - Hayden Everding, BB Nelson, Eli Dranow and Luke Jakubik.

With each strum of his guitar, Alex Lee Warner illuminates the world with his undeniable talent and infectious passion. From Pennsylvania to Nashville and beyond, get ready to be swept away by the unforgettable sounds of Alex Lee Warner!

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